We apply modern chemical research tools to study chemical mechanisms that underpin important environmental engineering processes, and we combine our knowledge of chemical principles together with sustainability science to develop innovative technologies to address some of society’s greatest environmental challenges, including the need to provide safe drinking water and renewable energy supplies for a growing population.

Current research projects include efforts to design innovative technologies to (1) remediate groundwater contaminated by persistent and toxic fluorochemicals (e.g., PFOS, PFOA) and oxyanions (e.g., nitrate and perchlorate), (2) to convert wastewater streams into liquid fuels, fertilizer, and other valuable chemicals through integrated biological-hydrothermal-catalytic processing schemes, and (3) to reduce the overall costs and life cycle environmental impacts of producing algae biofuels.

The group’s research developing a new technology for destruction of PFAS “Forever Chemicals” was recently featured on the Denver CBS News (length 3:17) – Video

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