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2018 summer picnic

Strathmann Group and Friends Summer 2018 Party


Strathmann Group and Friends Summer 2017 Party


Lab doodling (or is it model derivation?)




Group Photo Archives

cropped-group1.png2014 Strathmann Group PhotoBack Row (L to R): Marika Nell, Jong Kwon Choe, Shijie (Moses) Leow, Allison Bergquist, Zachary Sasnow, Timm Strathmann. Front Row (L to R): Dongwook Kim, Derek Vardon, Jinyong Liu, Raul Tenorio, Tias Paul. (photo by Rejill Vardon)

strathmann-group-fall-2011 2011 Strathmann Group Photo – Back Row (L to R): Sean Carbonaro, Derek Vardon, Timm Strathmann, Jinyong Liu, Tias Paul. Front Row (L to R):Grant Blazina, Jong Kwon Choe, Diane Moeller, Zack Sasnow (photo by Rejill Vardon)

strathmann-group-fall-20082008 Strathmann Group PhotoBack Row (L to R): Lanhua Hu, Rui Zhang, Jong Kwon Choe, Timm Strathmann, Matt Sugihara, Claire Joseph, Heather Martin. Front Row (L to R): Jinyong Liu, Tias Paul, Dongwook Kim, Jessica Mohatt, Kimberly Parker.

strathmann-group-spring-20072007 Strathmann Group PhotoBack Row (L to R): Claire Joseph, Lanhua Hu, Andrew Frierdich, Adam Bussan, Daisuke Naka. Front Row (L to R): Matt Sugihara, Dongwook Kim, Timm Strathmann, Tias Paul, Lindsay Knitt, Surin Aree (Photo by J.W. Lee)

group_photo_0408312004 Strathmann Group Photo (L to R): John Shim, Dongwook Kim, Genevieve Nano, Tias Paul, Lanhua Hu, Smita Sivakumar, Timm Strathmann, Daisuke Naka, Laura Cooper, Adam Bussan (Photo by Marvis Orzek)

group_photo_03122003 Strathmann Group PhotoBack Row (L to R): Shuang Feng, Timm Strathmann, John Hong Jun Shim, Genevieve Nano. Front Row (L to R): Michael Kandianis, Smita Sivakumar

Timm’s Travels



2015: Timm travels to Daegu, South Korea and Chongqing, China (home of the “hot pot”) to give keynote presentations and lectures on the group’s work.




2014 – Timm travels with his old MS degree mentor Prof. Chad Jafvert (Purdue) to Taiwan to give a series of lectures at different universities. Thanks to Fan Chihao for hosting us.



2014 – Timm travels to Scotland to participate in a workshop on small water system challenges organized by the University of Glasgow.




2013 – Timm travels to Shanghai together with Prof. Charlie Werth to visit Tongji University and give a presentation on his research.




2011 Left: Lanhua Hu is awarded the Engelbrecht Fellowship, the highest honor awarded to PhD students in environmental engineering at UIUC. Right: Timm takes part in a submersible dive in Lake Geneva during his sabbatical at Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL) to map the discharge and transport of organic micropollutants being discharged to the lake by wastewater treatment facilities. The same submersible has been down to sites like the wreck of the Titanic.



2010 –  Timm travels with Prof. Charlie Werth to Saudi Arabia to visit King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) as part of a partnership for developing collaborative projects in water quality science.




2005 – Timm takes a trip with colleagues at UIUC to Singapore to meet with faculty at the National University of Singapore to discuss collaborative projects.





Group Members – Top to Bottom: Allison Bergquist, Zack Sasnow, Tias Paul, Jong Kwon Choe, Rui Zhang, Uma Patel, Kimberly Parker, Derek Vardon, Marika Nell, Moses Leow, Rahul Gogia, Hagar Elbishlawi, Jinyong Liu



2004 – Timm and graduate students Genevieve Nano (MS 2005) and Shuang Feng conduct work at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory.