Daqian Jiang

Associate Research Scientist and Assistant Strathmann Group Lab Group Director



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Ph.D., Environmental Engineering (2010) University of Connecticut

M.S., Science, Technology and Policy (2015), University of Minnesota

M.S. Statistics (2015), University of Minnesota

B.S., Environmental Science (2006), Renmin University, Beijing, China


Daqian Jiang is a water engineer and industrial ecologist. As an engineer, he is interested in developing unit processes for treatment of nutrients, emerging and persistent contaminants in wastewater and groundwater; as an industrial ecologist, he is interested in understanding broader-scale material flows through cities or nations.

Selected  Publications

  1. Jiang*, M. Fisher, Z. Huang, N. Kunz. Identify drivers of China’s provincial wastewater reuse outcome using Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA). Accepted by Journal of Industrial Ecology
  2. Zhou*, D. Jiang, Z. Zhao. Quantification of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Pre-Disposal Stage of Municipal Solid Waste Management. Accepted by Environmental Science & Technology
  3. Ramaswami*, D. Jiang, K. Tong, Z. Zhao. Impact of the economic structure of cities on urban scaling factors: Implications for urban material-energy flows in China. Accepted by Journal of Industrial Ecology
  4. Jiang, W. Khunjar (equal contribution)*, S. Murthy, B. Wett, K. Chandran*. 2015. Characterizing the metabolic tradeoff that occurs in Nitrosomonas europaea in response to changes in inorganic carbon supply. Environmental Science and Technology. 48(4)2523-2531.
  5. Jiang, M. Curtis, E. Troop, K. Scheible, J. McGrath, B.Hu, S. Suib, D. Raymond, B. Li*. 2011. A pilot-scale study on utilizing multi-anode/cathode microbial fuel cells to enhance the power production in wastewater treatment.  International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. 36(1) 876-884.

Contact Information

Colorado School of Mines, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, 1500 Illinois St., Golden, CO 80401 Email