Hongyu Dong

PhD student in Environmental Science and Engineering at Tongji University




Ph.D., Environmental Science and Engineering (In Progress), Tongji University, Shanghai, China

M.S., Environmental Science and Engineering (2015), Shandong University, Jinan, China

B.S., Environmental Science (2011)
Anqing Normal University, Anqing, China


Hongyu Dong is currently a Ph.D. student in the College of Environmental Science and Engineering in Tongji University (China). She completed her MS at Shandong University (China) and BS at Anqing Normal University (China). Her research focuses on rapid degradation of organic contaminants by in situ formed aquomanganese(III): transformation or sequestration of contaminants was performed by long-lived Mn(III) species and yet few researchers studied  the degradation of contaminants by soluble Mn(III) (noncomplexed with ligands other than H2O and OH) at environmental pH conditions. Thus, activation of manganese oxide could be a strong new oxidation process based on Mn(III).


Sun, H. Dong, D. He, R. Dan, X. Guan. Modeling the Kinetics of Contaminants Oxidation and the Generation of Manganese (III) in the Permanganate/Bisulfite Process, Environmental science & technology, 2016, 50(3): 1473-1482.

H. Dong, B. Gao, Q. Yue, Y. Wang, Q. Li, Effect of pH on floc properties and membrane fouling in coagulation – Ultrafiltration process with ferric chloride and polyferric chloride, Chemosphere, 130 (2015): 90-97.

H. Dong, B. Gao, Q. Yue, S. Sun, Y. Wang, Q. Li, Floc properties and membrane fouling of polyferric silicate chloride and polyferric chloride: the role of polysilicic acid, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 22 (2015)

H. Dong, B. Gao, Q. Yue, H. Rong, S. Sun, S. Zhao, Effect of Fe (III) species in polyferric chloride on floc properties and membrane fouling in coagulation–ultrafiltration process, Desalination, 335 (2014): 102-107.

H. Dong, B. Gao, Q. Yue, S. Sun, Y. Wang, Q. Li, Floc properties and membrane fouling of different monomer and polymer Fe coagulants in coagulation–ultrafiltration process: The role of Fe (III) species, Chemical Engineering Journal, 258 (2014): 442-449.

Select Awards

  • National Scholarship for Doctoral Candidate (2015).
  • President Scholarship of Shandong University (2014).

Contact Information

No.1239 Siping Road, Shanghai 200092, China Email