Yida Fang

PhD Candidate in Environmental Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines


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Ph.D., Environmental EngineeringIn Progress, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado

M.S., Environmental Engineering – (2015), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

 B.S., Civil Engineering – (2013), Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana


Originally desired to design civil infrastructures and bridges, Yida started his academic career in civil engineering at Montana State University. He became interested in water reclamation and sustainable water reuse technologies after seeing the strong need of clean water in his hometown in China. After earning his bachelor’s degree and two years of work at Western Transpiration Institute (WTI) as an undergraduate researcher, Yida confirmed his interests in environmental research and obtained his master’s degree in environmental engineering from UIUC. He is currently a graduate student in Dr. Strathmann’s group, where his research involves the study of transformation mechanisms of organophosphate esters and the influence of their structure on transformation rates under environmentally relevant conditions; He is also working on a project which evaluates the fate and transport of contaminants of emerging concerns (CECs) in soil and water systems, focusing on the transformation trends of micropollutants and their interaction with surrounding environments. Outside of lab, Yida enjoys exploring the beautiful Colorado through skiing and mountain biking.

Select Awards

  • Integral Consulting Fellowship, CSM, 2016 First Prize Recipient
  • MT Sect. ASCE-Martin E. Moss Memorial Scholarship, MSU, 2012 Awardee
  • Murdock Memorial Scholarship for Excellence, MSU, 2010 – 2012 Awardee

Contact Information

Colorado School of Mines, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, 1500 Illinois St., Golden, CO 80401. Email